Add your CPMAI Certificate to your LinkedIn Profile

To add your certificate to LinkedIn just follow the steps below: 

  • Click the “Me” Icon located at the top right of your Linkedin homepage.
  • Click “View Profile”- If you have previously added a certification badge, then great! Just scroll down to “Licences and Certifications” and press + Add. If you haven’t added a certification before then you need to add a Licenses and Certifications section to your profile first.

  • On your profile page, click the “Add Section” button located in your introduction section.

  • Under the background section of the dropdown, click “Licenses and Certifications”.
  • Type in your Cognilytica CPMAI certification information.

  • Be sure to select Cognilytica  under the “Issuing Organisation” tab.
  • Add the PDF link sent in the email as your Credential URL. Use the Credential URL provided to you by our trainers. If you don’t have the Credential URL, please email us at
  •  Click “Save”.