AI & ML Best Practices Certification & Training

CPMAI v7: AI & ML Project Management Training & Certification

The latest CPMAI Methodology Training & Certification! The World’s Most Popular AI & ML Project Management methodology, CPMAI is the industry’s best practice methodology for running successful AI & ML projects. Cognilytica’s CPMAI training and certification prepares you to succeed with your AI & ML efforts, whether you’re just beginning or are well down the road with implementation.

The Most Widely Accepted Vendor-Neutral AI & ML Project Management Certification

Boost your credentials

Grow your understanding of AI & Advanced Data

Advance your career

  • Cognilytica’s CPMAI AI & ML Project Management Training & Certification is recognized as the best practices methodology for implementing successful AI & ML projects.
  • Stand out from the crowd of self-proclaimed “AI experts” with an industry recognized certification
  • Learn how to successfully run AI and ML projects at any scale
  • Gain a comprehensive AI education including gaining the knowledge, lexicon, and credibility around AI you seek
  • Align your Team on AI and ML

The CPMAI methodology is the industry’s best practice for AI & ML projects. Cognilytica’s CPMAI training and certification prepares you to succeed with your AI & ML efforts, whether you’re just beginning them or are well down the road with implementation. CPMAI Training and Certification is offered as a virtual self-paced course where individuals or small groups can sign up and take the virtual courses around your busy schedule.

This certification is the perfect solution if you’re…

  • Looking to gain credibility and legitimacy for AI Expertise and Project Management
  • Tackling AI and ML projects and looking for a methodology to guide project success
  • Building individual or enterprise AI knowledge
  • Looking to gain a fundamental understanding of AI & ML concepts and the latest best practices

In this comprehensive Training & Certification, you’ll learn the following:

  • Updated for v7 ✨AI Project Management Best Practices
  • The Seven Patterns of AI
  • Fundamentals of AI and ML 
  • Supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning methods, approaches, concepts, and algorithms
  • NEW for v7 ⭐ Generative AI concepts and terminology
  • Updated for v7 ✨Methods for management of data for AI
  • Approaches for data preparation for AI
  • Deep dive into real-world AI projects using CPMAI 
  • NEW for v7 ⭐ How to apply Generative AI to help shortcut AI projects 
  • Updated for v7 ✨Iterating AI Projects for Success
  • Most important aspects of Data Science relevant to AI ✨ Updated for v7
  • How business understanding, data understanding, data preparation, model development, model evaluation, and model operationalization fit together
  • NEW for v7 ⭐ Trustworthy AI considerations for each phase of CPMAI
  • Updated for v7 ✨How to build Trustworthy AI systems
  • Updated for v7 ✨How to craft an ideal AI team
  • 🌟 INCLUDED 🌟 CPMAI Workbook to Guide your AI Projects
$2795 USD
Self-Paced Online Course
Exercises & Certification Exam included
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20 lessons - 22 hours
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This course includes a CPMAI v7.0 Certification upon successful completion

Which CPMAI Is Right for Me?


Get Certified! Comprehensive AI & ML Project Management Training

Includes: AI Fundamentals, AI Applications, Managing Data for AI, Data Preparation for AI, ML Algorithms, Generative AI, CPMAI Methodology, and Trustworthy AI



Greater Depth: Enhances CPMAI with RPA, Big Data, Data Science

Includes: All CPMAI Training Content, including AI & ML Fundamentals, CPMAI Methodology, plus Fundamentals of Big Data, Big Data platforms, Foundations of Data Science, Foundations & Applications of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Big Data Engineering, Security & Governance, and more!



Most Comprehensive: Adds Ethical & Trustworthy AI to CPMAI+

Includes: All CPMAI+ Plus Training Content, Ethical AI Concepts, Responsible AI Concepts, Transparent AI Concepts, Governed AI Concepts, Explainable AI Concepts, The Trustworthy AI Framework, Putting Trustworthy AI into Practice


CPMAI Workbook included

Some of the organizations certified with CPMAI:

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Course Content

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Who is this Training For?​

This CPMAI methodology training and certification is for a wide range of roles and responsibilities including:

  • Project Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Capability Manager
  • Technical Manager
  • Acquisitions Manager
  • Procurement & Contracting Officers
  • Computer Systems Programmer
  • Developer
  • Artificial Intelligence Research Associate
  • Data Scientist
  • AI / Machine Learning (ML) Engineer
  • AI Assurance Engineer
  • Test & Evaluation Engineer, System Engineer
  • Network Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Operations Research Analyst
  • Deployment Engineer
  • Knowledge Operations Manager
  • Network Infrastructure Engineer
  • Information Technician

What makes CPMAI Methodology so powerful?

Vendor Neutral


Iterative and Agile

Real-World Proven

Cognilytica’s CPMAI AI & ML Project Management Certification:

  • Has no prerequisites
  • Is appropriate for people with different roles and levels of expertise. 
  • Valuable for anyone wanting in-depth knowledge about how to succeed with AI & ML projects.
  • Vendor independent and End User focused
  • Comprehensive - Material updated frequently
  • Based on best practices including CRISP-DM and Agile
  • Provides detailed case studies and practical real-world examples
  • Training content by AI & ML experts and thought leaders
  • Not too technical, not too high-level
  • Includes certification

This makes the Cognilytica CPMAI Training & Certification the best in the industry

Start your Path to Success Today

Don't Just take our Word for it...

"Cognilytica’s CPMAI training & certification has had a direct and immediate positive impact on our team. CPMAI provided the needed fundamentals of AI as well as a common framework for our teams to communicate and collaborate in the management of AI projects. I'm a believer and champion of the value of CPMAI training and certification. I am already seeing the value and impact of the knowledge and insight gained by my direct reports. I recommend CPMAI for anyone who is looking for AI and data project success and to upskill their workforce around AI project management best practices.”
Mark Bonnett
(Contract) Programme manager, AstraZeneca
"Cognilytica’s CPMAI training has had a direct and immediate impact on our team. The course gave an excellent overview of the fundamentals of AI as well as provided a common framework for our teams to communicate and collaborate in the management of AI projects. I'm a believer and champion of the value of this training. I am already seeing the value and impact of the knowledge and insight gained by my direct reports. I recommend this course for anyone who is looking to train or upskill their workforce around AI project management efforts."
Pamela Mittoo
Group Director, Global Technical Consumer Research at The Coca-Cola Company
“Cognilytica’s AI/ML training helped me understand the fundamentals of AI as well as learn now to manage AI and data projects successfully.Using the proven CPMAI methodology reduces risk and ensures if followed and funded that projects will have a successful outcome. I highly recommend CPMAI certification for anyone looking to learn how to do AI right by applying the data and AI centric CPMAI methodology.”
Casey Royer
Executive Director, Personalized Experience Management, USAA​
“The CPMAI certification is the perfect addition to my work experience, providing the credentials and training needed to successfully manage advanced AI projects. CPMAI is highly complementary to my existing PMP and PMI-ACP certifications and provides great value for the money and time invested. The CPMAI is a must-do certification for project managers looking to apply emerging project management skills to AI, ML, and advanced data projects where existing project management approaches fall short.”
Karen McCann
Senior Technical Program Manager, global IT corporation
“CPMAI has provided me with an industry specific view of how to adapt PMP knowledge for AI and advanced data projects, giving specific detail around DataOps and providing a foundation of AI and ML knowledge. It gives Project Managers more strategic value to organizations as they add AI & advanced data projects to organization portfolio’s. I’d recommend the CPMAI for any PMP or Project Manager who wants to learn how to identify, manage, and successfully deliver projects in this rapidly growing sector.”
Krystene “KJ” Jennings
Project Lead Business Systems Analyst, Predictive Analytics and Cloud Engineering at Centene
“Cognilytica’s CPMAI Certification and training provided me with a deep dive into the fundamentals of AI & machine learning with a brief exposure to project management. The CPMAI certification and training was valuable for me with little prior experience in AI, giving me an overview of AI, how to do AI right, bring his/her knowledge to the next level, and in-depth knowledge into applications and approaches to running AI & advanced data projects.”
Mayur Shah
AI / Cognitive Technologies Project Manager at Motorola Mobility LLC - A Lenovo Company

CPMAI Course Comparison:

Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
Applications of AI
Best Practices for AI: CPMAI Overview
CPMAI Phase I: Business Understanding
Managing Data for AI

Incl. in Big Data Content

Incl. in Big Data Content
CPMAI Phase II - Data Understanding
Data Preparation for AI
CPMAI Phase III - Data Preparation
Machine Learning Fundamentals
Machine Learning Algorithms including Deep Learning
Generative AI, Transformer Models, and Large Language Models (LLMs)
CPMAI Phase IV: Model Development
Model Evaluation and Testing
CPMAI Phase V: Model Evaluation
Model Operationalization
CPMAI Phase VI: Model Operationalization
Machine Learning Development Tools & Platforms
Trustworthy AI Concepts
Fundamentals of Big Data
Big Data Platforms
Foundations of Data Science
Thinking & Acting Like a Data Scientist
Foundations of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Applications of RPA
Big Data Analytics & Visualization
Big Data Engineering
Big Data Security & Governance
Ethical AI Concepts
Responsible AI Concepts
Transparent AI Concepts
Governed AI Concepts
Explainable AI Concepts
Worldwide Data and AI laws & Regulations
Putting Trustworthy AI into Practice

CPMAI Certification FAQ

How long does training & certification take?

Each CPMAI Training & certification course has a different number of total hours which combines video topic lesson hours, exercises, workbook application, and a final certification exam. Courses are structured as self-paced online instruction plus an additional set of exercise questions focused on learning understanding and CPMAI workbook “checkpoints” that you can use to apply what you learned to your own project. Finally, there is a 90 question certification exam timed for 2 hours, with 2 exam attempts allowed. You can complete CPMAI training and certification in as little as one week or as much as six months.

What is included in CPMAI Training and Certification fee?

The CPMAI Training and Certification fee is all-inclusive, providing all necessary online, self-paced learning, supporting materials including workbook and downloadable training materials, self-graded exercises, and participation in our CPMAI professionals community starting at time of training enrollment. You may retain the downloadable training materials and workbook for your current and future projects as long as they are not publicly shared or posted online. Training videos are not available for download as they are embedded in our online Learning Management System (LMS). Each certification course includes a timed, online certification exam which allows up to 2 exam retakes.

How is CPMAI training & certification delivered?

CPMAI training and certification is offered as an online, self-paced course that includes all exercises and certification exam online as well.

How can I access CPMAI Training & Certification materials?

Enroll in training and certification courses at

Once you sign up for the training you will be prompted to create a username and password. This will allow you access to all training materials.

To access any Cognilytica training and/or certification that you’ve registered and paid for, visit to login and access your course and certification content and materials.

Access is not restricted to a single machine so as long as you have your username and password you are able to log into your account and access your training materials from anywhere.

How can I log into the Cognilytica Online Training and Course system (LMS)?

To access any Cognilytica training and/or certification that you’ve registered and paid for, visit to login and access your course and certification content and materials.

How long do I have access to CPMAI Training and Certification Course Materials?

You have access to the course and all materials for six (6) months after the date of purchase. Additionally, once completed with all videos and exercises,  you have access to all materials for 30 days after certification is issued.

What are the necessary training and certification prerequisites?

No prior knowledge or experience in AI or advanced data is needed. Knowledge of project management and IT is helpful, but not a prerequisite. The CPMAI Certification is primarily for those in project or product management, IT, business management, and executive roles that are currently or will be involved in advanced data and AI projects. CPMAI has certified many people in roles such as project management, compliance, legal, risk, procurement, business strategy, analytics, product management, engineering, and many non-IT roles and titles.

Do I need to know anything about or have prior knowledge in AI or data for the CPMAI Training and Certification?

The CPMAI Training and Certification doesn’t require any prior knowledge or experience on AI or advanced data. The CPMAI training and certification course starts with a foundation of AI, foundation of data science, and each subsequent module explains the concepts at the level of detail needed to understand how to manage AI projects from the project manager’s perspective, rather than from the low-level implementation perspective.

How long is the CPMAI certification valid?

Once you are CPMAI certified, your certification doesn’t expire for the CPMAI version that you were certified on.


There are no requirements for CEUs, PDUs, or other continuing education to maintain a valid certification for the CPMAI version you are certified on.


We update our CPMAI certification periodically, so to maintain your CPMAI certification for the latest version, you can upgrade to a new CPMAI version when it has been announced. We always provide a discount on CPMAI certification to those who have been certified in previous versions.

How do I maintain my CPMAI Certification?

CPMAI Certification is easy to keep up to date and relevant for your current and future projects. Once you are CPMAI certified for a CPMAI version, that CPMAI certification never expires. To keep your CPMAI certification up to date on the latest version, just upgrade to the latest CPMAI version when it becomes available. We always offer discounts to those who have been previously CPMAI certified to keep your CPMAI certification up to date with the latest best practices.

Do you offer CPMAI Partnership Programs?

Yes! Currently we offer promotional-focused CPMAI Partner Programs that promote consulting firms, vendors, professional organizations, systems integrators (SIs), and other firms that provide solutions to end users leveraging CPMAI methodology. We offer three levels of partnership and benefits depending on the number of CPMAI individuals certified at the organization. Inquire for availability and details. Cognilytica is exploring CPMAI Certified Training partnership programs for those interested in delivering CPMAI Training to support CPMAI Certification. We will announce further details on Training partnership programs in the future. Inquire if you are interested in participating.

How does CPMAI™ Differ from other Certifications?

The CPMAI Certification is focused on providing project management methodology for running AI, machine learning, and advanced data projects. Other certifications are either focused on vendor- or technology-specific low-level development or data science needs or are more generally focused on project management skills independent of their application. Certainly, there’s nothing wrong with having a vendor-specific certification for a cloud platform or development tool, and nothing wrong with having a certification to learn data science skills. As well, there’s nothing wrong with having a certification focused on project management skills such as a PMP or Agile certification. In fact, if you have any of these certifications, you’ll find even more value in the CPMAI Certification. Many of our CPMAI Certified community have certifications including PMP, LSS, SAFe, ITIL certifications and a wide range of technical and project-specific certifications from vendors such as AWS, Microsoft, IBM, and others.


CPMAI Certification fills in the gaps of these technology-specific or project management-general certifications. CPMAI provides the specific best practices methodologies you need to run AI and advanced data projects with confidence in their success, and the certification earned is a signal to employers, recruiters, clients, and colleagues that you have the specific skills needed to run AI and data projects with success. There are no credible alternatives to the vendor-neutral, best practices-based, CRISP-DM and Agile foundation of the CPMAI certification for AI and data project management methodology.

What steps are involved in CPMAI Certification?

Follow these steps to get on your way to your CPMAI Certification. The first step to certification is completing an authorized CPMAI Training on the latest version of the CPMAI Certification curricula. Currently, only Cognilytica offers authorized Certified training. Training is offered as online, self-paced training with all exercises, exams, and workbook activities provided online.


During each training, each trainee will be required to complete exercises that ascertain understanding of the material, and the completion of the workbook which ascertains ability to apply the material to current or conceptual projects. After the completion of all exercises and passing the CPMAI certification exam with a score of at least 70% (2 retry attempts provided), a CPMAI Certification is granted for that CPMAI version. By using the online, self-paced Learning Management System (LMS), the certificate is provided automatically in electronic form.


Keep your CPMAI up to date by upgrading to the latest version of the CPMAI Certification at any time when we have announced a new version of CPMAI.

Do you offer Group Training and Certification Discounts?

Yes! We offer a discount of 10% for groups of five (5) or more enrolled at the same time  in self-paced, online CPMAI Training and Certification. We offer a discount of 20% for groups of ten (10) or more enrolled at the same time in the self-paced, online training. To qualify for group discount, simply send us a message at with the names and email addresses of the group you wish to enroll, and the group can either make a single payment on behalf of the whole group or each individual can pay as part of the group.

How do I share my CPMAI certification?

After you have successfully achieved your CPMAI Certification, there are a a number of ways you can share your certification with the world:

  • Step 1: Get Noticed! Add the CPMAI Certification to your Licenses & Certifications on your LinkedIn profile.  Instructions on how to add/link your certificate to your profile can be found at:  Email us at if you’d like a PDF and PNG version of your certificate, if you haven’t already downloaded it from the CPMAI course site upon receipt of your certificate.
  • Step 2: Get Recognition! Make a LinkedIn post sharing your certification. LinkedIn doesn’t automatically share notifications of certifications and licenses, but you deserve the attention and the kudos! Create a LinkedIn post and say “Thrilled to be #CPMAI #certified by @Cognilytica” with the PNG certificate as the image of the post. If you also tag @Cognilytica, we will give you additional value by liking , commenting, and sharing your post.
  • Step 3: Get More Value! Refer to yourself in  your email signatures and online profiles.  All CPMAI certified individuals can add to their online profiles and signatures the following lines:
    • CPMAI AI & ML Project Management Certified
    • OPTIONAL: Add the CPMAI suffix to your name on LinkedIn profile just as others do for PMP and other certifications (for example “Jane Doe, CPMAI”)

We also offer digital badges that you can share on  social media platforms, as part of your email signature, on resumes, and in other professional places where you would like to showcase your certifications and credentials. You should have received an automatic link to your electronic badge upon the grant of your CPMAI Certification. If you didn’t receive the link to your badge or need us to resend your badge to you, please email us at

Can I get my employer to reimburse me for CPMAI training and certification?

You might be able to get your current employer to cover your CPMAI certification and training costs as part of their tuition reimbursement or continuing education benefits. Many organizations offer several thousand dollars a year in employee skilling and training benefits, and you can take advantage of that for your CPMAI certification and training fee. Find out if your current employer will reimburse or pay directly for professional certifications, such as they would for the PMI PMP certification, for example.

Do you have discounts for students or government employees?

Currently, we don’t have any specific discounts for full-time students or government employees. However, the CPMAI certification and training cost is under the US Government “Minimum Purchase Threshold (MPT)” and qualifies for training under SF-182 for individuals and groups, and as such would be reimbursable or directly payable by the government for current, full-time government employees. For current students, we offer group discounts for five or more people who enroll and pay for CPMAI training and certification at the same time. Find a group of people and we’ll give you a 10% discount for five or more enrolled at the same time, and a 20% discount for 10 or more enrolled at the same time.

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds granted for membership fees or CPMAI training and certification fees. If you enroll for CPMAI but are unable to use the training or certification before you have started the course, please let us know and we can make arrangements to transfer it to someone else or alternate arrangements.

Can I get college or academic credit for CPMAI Certification?

Cognilytica is a professional certification / credential granting organization, and not an accredited academic institution, in much the same way that the Project Management Institute (PMI) is a certification organization and has no academic accreditation. The training that is bundled with the CPMAI Certification gives you the training to get the certification,and can earn CEUs and PDUs that would be honored by PMI and other project management certification organizations.

Can I get PMI PDUs for my CPMAI training and certification?

Yes! Many of our CPMAI trainees have successfully gotten up to 39 hours of PDU credit towards PMI PMP maintenance and other certification goals. Check out our PDU guide for CPMAI here:

How does CPMAI enhance my career path?

The CPMAI certification is a sign to current and potential employers that you have the right project management skills needed to successfully run and manage AI, ML, and advanced analytics projects. Getting certified augments, enhances, and extends any experience you might have in project management or AI. Or, if you lack that experience, it shows employers that you have gone through best practices methodology that will be instantly applicable to current or future AI projects

Do Employers care about the CPMAI Certification?
  • Absolutely! Employers are looking for individuals to run AI projects that have the project management and AI skills necessary to make an impact on day one of their efforts. CPMAI certification has directly helped individuals participate in major AI initiatives and get employed at organizations including Shell, AstraZeneca, Coca-Cola, consulting and contracting firms such as Deloitte, Maximus, and government agencies and organizations across the world.

CPMAI certification opens the door of opportunity for you as a certified project manager for the duration of your certification with additional CPMAI learning opportunities included with your membership, opportunities to interact with the CPMAI community, and job postings from employers looking for CPMAI certified individuals as we announce them.