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Intro to Trustworthy AI

What does it take to make AI systems Trusworthy and what can you practically do about it for your projects today? Learn more in this FREE 2 hr mini-course on Trustworthy AI!

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In order to build AI systems that provide value, they need to be trustworthy. However, what does it mean for AI systems to be trustworthy? In this free 2 hr course, learn about the five layers of trustworthy AI: AI systems that are ethical, responsible, transparent, governed, and explainable. Learn about all the factors that you need to consider in these trustworthy systems as well as a framework for putting Trustworthy AI to practical use in your organization. This Intro to Trustworthy AI course is a small sample of what is provided in our deeper CPMAI+E certification as well as a good preview of the sort of detailed Trustworthy AI work we do with clients in our Trustworthy AI workshops. Take this course and learn what you need to know to make your AI systems Trustworthy!

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