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Trustworthy AI Framework Training & Certification

Most Comprehensive, Vendor-Neutral Trustworthy AI Training & Certification. Learn how to Build and Run Trustworthy AI Systems. Boost your credentials. Keep Your AI solutions, Organization, Customers, and Stakeholders Trustworthy. Advance your career.

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Get Certified and Learn how to Craft Trustworthy AI Frameworks that Work

Learn how to Build and Run Trustworthy AI Systems

Boost your credentials

Keep Your Organization, Customers, and Stakeholders Trustworthy

Advance your career

Most Comprehensive, Vendor-Neutral Trustworthy AI Training & Certification

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the need for Trustworthy, Ethical, and Responsible AI is more critical than ever. Cognilytica’s Trustworthy AI certification covers all the essential elements that underpin AI trustworthiness including key considerations around Ethical AI, Responsible AI, Transparent AI, Governed AI and Interpretable & Explainable AI. With the Trustworthy AI Certification, you’ll be well-prepared to help teach teams how to build AI systems that not only perform but also adhere to the highest ethical standards.

This certification is the perfect solution if you’re…

  • Looking to gain credibility and legitimacy for Trustworthy AI
  • Interested in learning a framework for Trustworthy AI based on dozens of best practice guidelines, laws, and regulations
  • Building individual or enterprise AI knowledge for Trustworthy AI
  • Looking to gain a fundamental understanding of Trustworthy AI Concepts

Put Trustworthy AI Into Practice

LEARN THE TRUSTWORTHY AI FRAMEWORK BUILT ON THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE BEST PRACTICES OF OVER 63+ National and International Trustworthy, Ethical & Responsible AI Frameworks.

Getting certified with Cognilytica’s Trustworthy AI Certification lets employers, peers, and potential clients know that you know how to develop a practical, implementable, organization-specific, comprehensive Trustworthy AI Framework that will guide users through the complex landscape of AI ethics, governance, transparency, and interpretability.

In this comprehensive Training & Certification, you’ll learn the following:

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  • C-Level Executives
  • Business executives
  • Directors
  • Vice Presidents
  • Technical Managers
  • Non Technical Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Information Security Managers
  • Data Scientist
  • AI / Machine Learning (ML) Engineer
  • IT Services
  • Cloud Architecture Team
  • Federal
  • Privacy Office
  • Corporate Ethics & Compliance
  • IT Solutions
  • HR Data/Analytics
  • Security
  • Data Governance / Enterprise Data
  • Procurement
  • PR/Communications
  • Legal & Contracts
  • ETech
  • Digital
  • Engineering Teams (Data Engineers/AI Practitioners)
  • Policy
  • ESG
  • Privacy
  • Risk
  • Enterprise Data
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  • Course delivered online and is self-paced
  • There is no live instructor for this course
  • Trainees have up to six (6) months to complete the training
  • Access to recorded videos and training materials are provided for thirty (30) days following trainee conclusion of class
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